American Aberdeen Sires


Jackaroo Ladd

Jackaroo Ladd is another great looking full blood American Aberdeen son of Yarra Ranges Jackaroo. We are seeing his first calves this year and we like them. His calves are stylish and fancy. 

We purchased Jackaroo Ladd last spring and wanted to see what he produced before offering semen on this well bred bull. If his calves meet our standards semen will be available in the Spring of 2019.

  •  Birth Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Mature Weight: 1375
  • Hip Height: 45
  • Scrotal Circumference: 40 
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Y4 Dutchman III

Y4 Dutchman III is a American Aberdeen Plus, meaning he is half American Aberdeen and half Aberdeen Angus. Meaning he is all Angus, a perfect mixture of old and new Angus genetics.

This little guy is just a calf but after raising two of his brothers we already know we want him for our American Aberdeen Plus herd bull. He sports a 59 lbs. birth weight. His brothers averaged 566 at weaning and we can expect the same from Dutchman III.

Semen available upon maturity. This is a great opportunity for commercial heifers. Y4 Dutchman will offer low birth weights and a high rate of gain, just like his brothers.

  • Birth Weight 59 lbs.
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  • Sire: Lazy G Cowan
  • Dam: White Dutches O'Royce


Y4 Ranch welcomes Uphills Stewie to their bull battery. Stewie offers depth and genetic diversity to American Aberdeen herds in the USA. He has a hall of champions in his pedigree. Semen to be offered in 2020-2021.